Top design elements to consider when creating a high-end retail space.

McCredie on May 2, 2019

When it comes to creating a retail space that reflects high-end brands such as Christian LouBoutin, Gucci or Prada, there needs to be a large amount of thought put into the customer experience, showcasing the product and creating an element of luxury surrounding the retail store.

To create a high-end, luxury retail space a team of specialised designers, project manager and builders need to be employed to ensure you achieve your goal and objectives. This specialised team need to be the best in their field in order to capture the high end, luxury message that your retail store is trying to achieve.

To create the right retail environment for luxury products it’s imperative that the sales environment makes the customer feel exceptional and that the products they are purchasing are luxurious. There are many ways to achieve this, such as using quality furniture and ample space so customers can feel at ease and as relaxed as possible. If customers are relaxed their customer experience is enhanced and therefore their impression of the product and store is reflected in their purchasing behaviour.

Another factor that can influence the customer experience is lighting. Natural lighting is best for retail shoppers so it’s ideal to keep your storefront big, clean and as full of natural light as possible. Low lighting is best for highlighting special features or items, showcasing your most important product or the features of a best-selling product is most effective using low lighting or backlighting where the product will be displayed and showcased in an elegant way.

Another way to attract high-end retailers is to have the correct store layout and design. Your floor plan is critical and plays a crucial role in managing store flow and traffic. Angular floor plans are often popular with high-end stores as the store layout consists of curves and angles to give off a sophisticated vibe. The angular floor plan reduces the amount of display area you have but focuses instead on fewer, more popular lines which tend to attract itself to the high-end retailer as the products need space to be displayed efficiently.

To attract high-end shoppers and create repeat customers in high-end retail fit outs the specialised teams working on the projects including designers, project managers, and builders need to consider these fundamental elements in the design to ensure that they receive the optimum layout, lighting and furnishings for their store to attract the right customers. High-end shop fit outs are important, and the layout and functionality of the store is imperative in creating the ideal customer experience, increasing repeat purchasing and creating a feeling of luxury within the consumer. With a new wave of luxury brands heading to large CBD centres in your state, high-end finishes and fit-outs are important in attracting the consumers of these luxury products.