Design Documentation

McCredie will ensure that there is always a strong link or bond between the brand representation, its merchandising and the customer service experience. They do this by ensuring that there is a simultaneous, strong connection between each element, and that the design documentation reflects this message. McCredie are then able to implement the message and design across the store network through the design documentation.

Building a strong brand identity into your shop fit out is imperative to the success of your retail store and McCredie had been at the forefront of this, ensuring that there is a strong connection between the brand, its merchandising and the customer service experience. There also needs to be a consistency between design when looking at rolling out a fit out within a franchise network as although every franchise will have its own unique layout, size and point of difference the design of the store will need to be consistent, McCredie ensures the designs are consistent, flow well and are adaptable to the differences of each store in the franchise chain.