Value Engineering

McCredie’s dedication to their customers means they prioritise value engineering and integrate it throughout the stages of every project. They integrate this through a series of workshops that ensures communication between key stakeholders. This enables the team to provide tools and insightful information that is necessary to make informed decisions that will enhance the clients project and maximise the projects value.

McCredie value engineering projects start with a team-based approach highlighting the potential problems that may occur thought-out the project and highlighting alternative products for the client. It enables the team to highlight alternatives materials to reduce costs, integrate cost management solutions and implement planning approaches to ensure that all best-practice techniques are used, and the client is receiving the best possible outcomes for their project.

Value engineering involves:
  • Identifying the main elements of a project.
  • Analysing the functions required to roll out the project.
  • Developing cost-effective, alternative solutions for delivering specific functions.
  • Assessing the alternative solutions.
  • Allocating costs to the alternative solutions.
  • Developing in more detail the alternatives with the highest likelihood of success.