Extending the Retail Experience

Marketing on November 28, 2019

Maintaining the retail experience is crucial as it has the ability to harness the personality and reputation of a brand. The retail experience is not simply about purchasing a product – it extends far beyond that. It begins the moment when customers enter the door to every encounter they are being exposed to within the walls of the shop.  Discover ways you can extend the retail experience for your customers:

Update Your Retail Fit-Out

At McCredie we understand creating a retail fit-out that represents brand personality effectively is crucial. Through a range of project management solutions and retail fit-out design strategies, we develop experiences to stimulate your customers’ senses and not just with the products. We work extensively to draw, attract and strike customers with a lasting impression, by reflecting the professionalism and foundational values of the brand, enabling the brand to speak for itself.
Significant attention for elements such as design, colour, layout and store arrangement must be considered. Furthermore, a uniformed retail fit-out provides consistency across the brand, which is vital for brand recognition. This will increase the identifiability of a brand among customers, thus increase brand awareness.

Employ Competent Consultants

In a retail setting, sales consultants working in-store have a massive influence that can either deters or attracts customers from discovering products. Employees who are passionate about the products and display genuineness to what they sell can introduce a different retail experience. Furthermore, advising customers with product knowledge and share information on the latest industry trends, can create a valuable impact more than just a shopping.

Stimulate Their Senses

When exploring products in a retail store, customers are immersed by the brand environment. A brand environment should convey the values, personality and voice of the brand. Whether it be through sight, sound, touch or smell, a successful brand environment has the ability to place desire within consumers to come back again. Taking advantage of the senses is an advantageous way to extend the retail experience. Noticeable touches like a lovely scented candle or a brand ‘aroma’ can create a memorable moment to the customers. Open-plan layouts allow customers to visually navigate and explore. Whilst music and lighting able to create ambience that reflect the brand. Options relative to enriching the senses have the ability to create positive associations with a brand and should be taken into account.
The influence of a physical retail store truly has a significant power. Harnessing the retail experience, enhancing the customers’ journey from entering to checking out through the elements discussed above, can efficiently distinguish between a good retail store and a successful one.