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How to create good energy in your retail space

Marketing on March 28, 2019

Creating good energy is essential for any retail space as good energy contributes to positive emotions and enhanced feelings towards a product and in turn, creates an environment that is relaxing and leaves a lasting impression on your customers. These good feelings are powerful and can lead to increased purchasing and enhanced positive brand awareness. These characteristics often lead to retail success as they imprint emotionally positive feelings onto a consumer. Imprinting those positive emotions in the consumer’s memory can recreate those positive experiences again when the consumer wears, consumes or uses the purchased item, solidifying the positive associations and in-turn creating a strong positive association to the brand.  Creating these positive emotions can occur through various ways such as modifying the interior design of a retail space, lighting, smell or even through the colour scheme used in the retail space. When designing your retail space, it’s imperative to look at the space from the point of view of a potential customer, especially if you’re in a restaurant or retail business. It is absolutely vital for the store layout to look inviting, clean and easy to navigate.

When making changes to the store layout, one important aspect of design to take into account is colour as colour has been proven to have an impact on an individual’s mind, mood and productivity. Studies from environmental psychologists have shown that colours like green represent productivity, blue represents being creative and yellow is the colour of confidence. Through the incorporation of colour into your store design, it is expected you will have a much better overall atmosphere in your retail space and your colour choices can have an effect on how your customers feel about your products.

Another aspect of interior design that may seem minor but in reality, has a major impact is the lighting of the store. Lighting is important as it has a direct influence on the mood of an individual and on how we feel about the atmosphere we’re in. Modern lighting options available have become a focal point as to how some brands display their products in their retail stores with some examples being high-end stores like Louis Vuitton who display their products on shelves that are lit with warm-toned lighting that give off an exclusive vibe where the customer also feels a sense of comfort. They’re also used to showcase a certain product or element of a product such as Optus using lighting to showcase their newest model of phone.

It is absolutely essential for businesses to create an environment that is comfortable and inviting for their customers as there is a strong correlation between having good energy and positive brand awareness. We have long understood the correlation between the mood of the customer and their relationship between the retail experience, so have developed many ways to create an experience in our retail spaces that generate a feeling of warmth, happiness and comfort to enhance the emotional experience for the customer. As we have long understood that in turn, this increases the likeliness to purchase more frequently and to tell their friends about the product. Increasing brand awareness, purchasing opportunities’ and increasing the desirability of the product.