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How to create a consistent message and design across the retail store network?

Marketing on April 17, 2019

The best way to attract and convert customers is to empress them with your retail space. It is important for retailers to have a clear cut and differentiated profile to illustrate your brand’s voice. Incorporating a consistent message and design across the retail store network chain creates a clear brand aesthetic so when customers visit your store they get a quick idea and vibe of who your brand is. The brand’s personality and showcases the products in creative displays and arrangements. Whether you’re just setting up shop or have been running your business for years now, here are some considerations to review when creating a consistent message and design for your network of retail stores.


Did you know that 85% of the reason people buy one product over another is according to colour? Colour can have a huge impact on consumer behavior and is a very important consideration when designing a retail store. Colour scheme has the ability to shift the mood of the customer. Colours in a store format can create different emotions and can influence whether a customer makes a purchase or not. When deciding on a colour for a retail store, it is important that it reflects the aesthetic of the brand. People have hard-wires about colours. Customers may see blue as the colour associated with water and red for example associated with fire. Utilising colour in retail stores that reflects brand message can give your store identity and generate a feeling of excitement that engages customers and promotes the shoppers staying in the shop longer.


Lighting, much like colour, has a significant impact on your customers mood. Not only does it illuminate your retail space it creates store mood and ambiance. When choosing the most appropriate lighting for your retail network you need to decide what image reflects your brand and its voice. Whether that’s intimate or trendy, you can use lighting to instill your brands message. Along with this lighting has the ability to attract and invite customers into the store, draw their attention to particular products and entice them to make a purchase. For all these reasons lighting can be considered a very key element in crafting a consistent message and design for retail stores.


Merchandising entails satisfying the customer by providing them what they want to buy, at the time they want to buy it, at the price they want to pay for it, and in a way they want to pay for it. In order for a business to make sales, the products must be clearly visible in their appropriate

sections and be displayed in an enticing manner in order for the customer to have a good look at them and to potentially buy them. Good merchandising is essential in retail design as merchandising done well has the potential to drive traffic and sales into a store. Merchandising needs to fit the culture of the brand as well as the lifestyle of the customers. Mastering the art of merchandising reflects a strong understanding of the brand being able to portray a consistent message and design across a network of retail stores.

Colour, lighting and merchandising are all important factors to consider in retail store layouts, and when used in combination it can create a consistent message of brand identity throughout store networks which can acquire and retain new customers and drive stores to success!