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Differences between a good project manager and an excellent one!

Marketing on April 4, 2019

Without having a leader, any project would simply not function, there are too many aspects which need thoughtful care and consideration if they are to be completed to a high standard. A project manager is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the project, including planning, implementing and finishing of the project. There is a massive difference between a project manager who is good but not excellent and the aspects listed below suggest some key points which separate the two.


When it comes to a project manager, being able to communicate with employees is pivotal throughout the project’s journey. Firstly, an excellent project manager should be able to see that communication isn’t a ‘one-way street’ and should encourage others to engage in active conversation to ensure that the project is smoothly completed. Also, it is important for a project manager to walk the fine line between giving too much or too little information, this should ensure that the desired outcome is achieved.


If you fail to plan, you are planning to fail, this is relevant in most aspects of life but when applied to project management it can become especially pertinent in the retail space. When conducting a retail fit out of any given store it is key to plan weeks, if not months in advance. This is to ensure that all design documentation, construction equipment and any other retail solutions are managed. An excellent project manager will plan ahead and ensure that any problems are met with solutions so that the fit-out can be completed in the agreed upon time frame and to the highest possible standard.

Setting goals

An excellent project manager will see the inherent value in setting goals whilst overseeing any project. This is due to both the positive influence and the potential negatives which come with goal setting. Project managers must be mindful of how a lack of motivation amongst workers will lead to less efficiency and the retail project completion date being pushed back.  Whereas higher motivation through setting goals and rewarding the team when they are completed will not only lead to greater unity amongst the group but also a better outcome for the project manager. Having goals set within a team also allows for greater cohesion and a shared focus on the task at hand, for example when completing a retail fit out it would be key for a project manager to ensure everybody is aware of their expectations and how to meet them.

In the end, it’s believed that the main way in which you can separate a good project manager from an excellent project manager is in the outcome of the project they are managing. This can be attributed to the above points of communication, planning and setting goals, in which when not sufficiently taken care of the outcome of any project will be underwhelming and not as impressive.