Christian Louboutin

Known around the globe for their high-heel stilettos and bright coloured apparel, Christian Louboutin reigns on top for their luxurious, eye-catching products. The French fashion designer began his career as a freelance designer for fashion companies and has since grown into a well-renowned designer brand around the world.

Christian Louboutin always had a deep interest in high heel shoes and started out by bringing his designs to couture shows which eventually landed him a job as a freelance designer for brands like Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent. It was not till years later after Christian Louboutin moved on from fashion to a landscape gardener, that he realised shoes were his calling.

McCredie’s vision for Christian Louboutin’s store is to make customers feel as they are living a fantasy of luxury. From the bold interiors, to lush red carpets the The interiors of the store feature golden antique mirrors and doorways to emulate the look of the typical Parisian gallery.

The store in Melbourne which was revamped is inspired by the “dahabiya”, is a traditional sailboat used to sail down the River Nile. This can be seen by the blue coloured walls and printed wave designs in stores. It is truly a sight for Christian Louboutin’s imagination.