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Why the interior design of a franchise is as important as the product

McCredie on October 18, 2018

First impressions matter – and that goes for stores too. Stores are often the first point of contact between a business and potential consumers. The physical layout and look of a store is therefore important as it will influence how a brand is perceived and, therefore, sales. A well-designed interior influences the perception of a franchise to be attractive, memorable, engaging, or instigate curiosity.

Influence perception

A customer’s perception of a product can be influenced by the in-store layout and shelf designs. The lights, smell, surrounding materials and colours will influence your audience’s perception. As much as a good layout with the right light and surrounding can enhance a product features, the wrong surrounding elements can also tarnish how it’s perceived. For fashion, this is especially true. The perception people will have of certain clothes and accessories, will be different in each context they are placed in. It is necessary to carefully think about the best way of presenting your product and which surroundings will enhance the business’ image.

Communicate a message

Strategically thinking about how to present a product is necessary as it communicates a message from the company to the consumer. The look of a store needs to reflect the message you want to communicate. Creating consistency between your values, products and physical premises will make you appear more professional and will give you an advantage over your competition. Whether an organisation wants to say, “We are high-tech” or “We are cool” to “We use only natural ingredients”, it must be ‘felt’ in the physical space by the consumers. The interior design of a store must be consistent with the products or values of the franchise as it affects its credibility. You couldn’t have eco-friendly products with a store that screams otherwise. Consumers would be distrustful and distrust means a lack of sales. This is why you need to be careful with your branding choices.

Creates atmosphere and affects mood

Creating an atmosphere that matches the product you are offering is imperative. In the service industry, the atmosphere is as important as the staff and the product, with the interior design being the essential component of that atmosphere. A massage salon needs an atmosphere that evokes relaxation, and a restaurant might want to create a fancy or intimate atmosphere to make their customers comfortable and enhance their overall experience.

Create engagement and trust

Having a well thought out interior design shows a degree of professionalism and care for the clientele. A client who feels comfortable in a shop will be more inclined to engage and trust the organisation. Comparably, if a store had a dull or generic environment where the business doesn’t show passion about their products or care about their clients customers would match the lack of care and enthusiasm for the brand and possibly not choose to shop there at all.

Investing in interior design is the first step in creating a consistent brand image and attracting more consumers. It may be an extra investment cost but having a cheaper look will appeal to a cheaper audience. The look of your business is your first point of contact with your customers, do not underestimate its value and seek help from the professionals to maximise your impact.