Flight Centre - Collins St

Planning your next holiday? I’m sure you are. At McCredie, we aim to deliver the smoothest delivery for your retail needs by working with the best project managers and creating long term relationships. Flight Centre is recognised as the worlds’ largest travel agency with travel agents throughout Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, UK, Hong Kong, India and South Africa.

At Flight Centre, we take the hassle out of planning for your holiday so you can rightfully enjoy your holiday. Our highly trained staff are patiently waiting to assist you on any queries you may have, be it flights, hotels, car hire, cruises, travel insurance, coach tours and more. We will select the best choice along with the best prices.

The design of the Flight Centre stores will follow a ‘meeting’ style layout, with multiple tables and seating areas, designed to create a more ‘collaborative’ work space between customers and staff. Stores will feature travel brochures from various countries as well as huge posters showing the best price deals. Each experience is uniquely tailored to the needs of the customer and all our staff at Flight Centre will look after your flying and travel needs from beginning to end.