4 Simple Tips to Boost the Atmosphere in Your Workplace

McCredie on November 9, 2018

A good business atmosphere leads to more success and encourages employees to work more effectively, efficiently and it improves how they interact with each other and their clients. However, most businesses don’t have a good atmosphere and maintaining a healthy, functioning atmosphere that encourages productivity is often difficult.
Below, we’ve provided some easy advice to build and maintain the atmosphere within your workplace.

1. Decorate Your Workplace
Your workplace is a reflection of your business’s brand; if it’s dull, drab and boring, it’s going to rub off on to yourself, your employee’s, their moral and most importantly, on to how your customer’s see your business. While renovating or refurbishing may be a more permanent and effective way to change the appearance of your workplace, most businesses can’t afford the time or money to do so. Do small and simple changes, like display appropriate art and pictures, repaint a wall to be brighter or to match the company’s brand, add small accent features like small plants around the workplace. Furthermore, let team members personalise and decorate their workspace, it helps them display their individuality and keeps them motivated throughout the workday.

2. Break the Work Routine
Employees will quickly find themselves within routines, even in the most dynamic work environments. It can become very slow and tedious; even for the most prideful worker. It’s a good practice to break monotony to do something different, consider occasionally leading employees through simple aerobic techniques like deep breaths, or even team building exercises as a break from work.
Alternatively, have some fun with it and take the team out and do something relatively extraordinary after a particularly harsh work period or crunch time; maybe to the local park for a team picnic, or a nice restaurant or even the beach or amusement park.

3. Show That You Care About Your Employees
Your employees are more than just their performance at work; they’re human, just like you. It’s incredibly vital that you show you respect and care for your employees. Take the time to ask them about their day, their personal lives and their opinion on both; work-related content and things outside of work. It will show that you genuinely care for their wellbeing and it may even provide you with some good insight on how to improve your business.
Celebrate the small victories and personal accomplishments of your employees. This doesn’t mean you have to break out a cake and streamers every time something good happens in your office, but simply congratulating your employees or commending them for their work can really go a long way in ensuring your employees feel like they matter and are acknowledged in your workplace.

4. Encourage Friendships in the Workplace
It’s been proven by multiple studies that teamwork and productivity is enhanced when your employees know each other and are friends. Do what you can as the manager or boss to encourage your employees to socialise among each other. A simple way to do this is to encourage employees to take their lunch breaks at the same time; being in a common area while eating will naturally incite conversation among the employee’s present.
Another method to encourage friendships in your business is to encourage collaboration on certain projects; additionally, doing so across differing departments can get employees to talk to each other who may have never otherwise.
Lastly, consider occasionally organising your workplace to meet up after work at a local bar or restaurant. Being away from work will encourage more casual and personal conversation to flow between your employees.